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Please note that our Blog and Image Galleries have moved to our main website and that this site is no longer being updated. [22nd May 2015] Read Notice...

This Site Has Moved!


Please note that our Blog and Image Galleries have moved to our main website and that this site is no longer being updated. [22nd May 2015]

All the content of this site has been migrated, your valuable contributions and comments included.

The new web address for our blog is -

The new web address for our Image Galleries is -

This website will in time no longer be available, and the name '' will link to the Libraries' main website from where you can easily access the blog and image galleries.

See image below of our new home page: 

InfoTrac: A very useful resource


Infotrac is just one of the exclusive online resources available in the Business Information Centre containing up-to-the-minute information on over 3,000 sourced academic journals and general magazines and with more than 3 million full text or abstract articles available. Navigating around this online resource is child’s play.  Just follow the menus given. Searchable features include subject, relevance, keyword, journal search and date search with standard search operators to hand. An advanced search will provide more detailed information for the discerning individual. A very useful archive is also available with certain articles dating back to 1st January 1980.Topical business magazines / papers include eg: Time, Financial Times, Flight International, Forbes alongside more specific titles such as Computational Economics, Atlantic Economic Journal, Interface and Maritime Gateway as well.             

It is updated very regularly to provide a comprehensive search tool for any scholar, academic, reporter, student who wishes to use INFO TRACK. As ever this resource is free to use. Just come in to the Business Information Centre and check it out.


Recommended Reading: Coming of Age Adult Fiction

In Between Dreams CoverThe journey into adulthood isn't the same for everyone. Each person has their own coming of age story, and literary characters are no different. Perhaps that's what makes coming of age fiction so appealing; it's so much easier to read about the struggles of a fictional character than focus on our own! In any case, the tragic, heartwarming, and sometimes even hilarious coming of age tales can be entertaining to any sort of audience. Read on for a few stories in this genre that are recommended by your Dublin City Public Library & Archive.  Read more »

Teddy Bears Take Over Cabra Library!

Teddy Bear SleepoverForty very special teddy bears came to Cabra Library on Monday, 11th May for a teddy sleepover! The teddies brought their owners to the library where they all listened to bedtime stories, sang teddy bear songs and had a few snacks before they were tucked up for the night. Here are some photos of what the bears got up to around the library….. Read more »

Book Review: Americanah

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Americanah CoverI picked up a copy of Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie after I saw it on the shortlist for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction 2014. I had been lacking cultural diversity in my literary diet, and thought after reading the premise of the novel that it might provide the perfect dose for my deficiency. 

The novel takes place in Lagos, Nigeria, and as the author herself is also Nigerian, the book holds a certain familiarity that is unmistakable when a writer is crafting a tale about their own place of origin. Before opening its pages, I had an embarrassing, chasmic lack of knowledge about anything Nigerian. After 477 pages however, the novel has given me 100x the information that I knew before regarding Nigeria and its people, as well as a keen interest in learning more. 

And now, onto the story itself. A quick summary... Read more »

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